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Dealing with People You Don't Love So Much

by Sasha (follow)
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I once heard a celebrity beautifully say " Hatred is just a drop in the ocean of love ".Its true isn't it.All of us have that one person whom we detest, don't ever want to see or probably don't want to ever deal with. This could be an old friend, an ex partner, a business associate or even an annoying neighbour. While the last thing on your mind is to do something good for them, how can you prevent yourself from doing anything bad? But the actual question here is, why is it that the people who we don't want to interact with are the people we are forced to deal with or face everyday ?

Wondering and walking around a lake, I rewound my life to think of those people whom I don't love so much.
Over time I realised, the more I disliked those people, the more I had to deal with them. So I learnt not to hate anyone, and to not let them affect my happiness quotient in life.

Word of silence
While someone might not be in your good books, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are a bad person. If you hear some good stuff about them through friends, just listen. Over time your friends might realise about that person through their own experiences . If you had to say things otherwise to these friends, you probably would feel good for the time being, but eventually it will begin to worry you. So the best to do is to leave the judgement to others and not spread negative publicity.

Let the steam out
Some people just get on your nerves. The best is to vent out your feelings with a good friend or partner and talk about it. The more you speak out the better it would be. The more you keep it within you, you are probably building up like a pressure cooker waiting to burst, you surely don't want that.

Ctrl Alt Del
Simply log off. The least you can do is stay away from this person. The more distance you maintain, the better it is. But at times when you have to face them, simply shut down .Don't let the words/facial expression or comments get into your system or sub conscious mind. Try the kung fu method and block it right before it bothers you.

While these are few ways that have worked for me, there are probably different other ways that would work for you. Either way, dealing with people you don't love much can be stressful but it shouldn't affect your happiness. These people are just being who they are and for some reason they did not fit your expectation framework. So having to hate them is probably letting them be in your life though you don't want them.

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