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Day In, Day Out

by Mathilda K Burton (follow)
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Beat the everyday routine and smile

Routine is something I have relished in my life; I love structure. Itís useful Ė itís easier to make plans, to know what free time you have, and it helps prepare you for the day ahead.

It can also be boring, however. Get up, shower, have breakfast, do this, then do that, every single day can get kind of old. Boredom leads to unhappiness, or can result in falling into a rut. Neither of these things are exactly healthy, nor are they always easy to fix.

So the best thing you can do, is prevent these things from happening in the first place.

Once a month, go and do something outside of your routine, outside of the norm. Go on a road trip, go to an exhibition, go fruit picking. Anything, really, as long as it is different. Take time out from work, no matter how busy you are. Donít have dinner at 6pm. Wear those heels you keep away for only special occasion. Just something little will help.

Breaking the cycle keep you from falling into the trap of being bored with your life, but not doing it too frequently means that it doesnít interrupt your everyday life either. Itís a win-win situation.

Doing something different is like going on a holiday, even if it is only for a few hours. Itís nice, it changes your mind set, itís refreshing.

There is nothing worse than feeling that your life is going stale. Whenever I feel like this, I end up doing something stupid, like moving house for no real reason or spending too much money on a night out or something equally as unproductive. Iím impulsive, which I feel is both a positive and a negative attribute. So changing things up about once a month has really helped me to avoid making these ďbadĒ decisions.

You donít need to spend money or go somewhere, either Ė something as simple as having a picnic on your lounge room floor on a Thursday night will work just as well.

Go and beat the boring old day in, day out routine Ė I promise it will brighten up your life.

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