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Creative People have a Role too

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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a creative person's diagram
Creative people have an important role, too. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

Sometimes it can be hard to feel appreciated.

Perhaps, the contribution to which you feel you can make to the world isn’t typical. For example, I used to think “I only write articles for self avenue”. But if I thought that maybe something I wrote could help someone else, perhaps I could feel I have a place in the world.

Perhaps I could really feel I belong, have a place, a role in this world.

I am increasingly realising that there are opportunities to create and contribute all around me. I can help in the garden on a joint idea one of my neighbours may be participating in. There are numerous and countless opportunities to volunteer.
Sometimes I think ‘yes but what I do doesn’t make a substantial difference’. ...it isn't paid or paid poorly, it may not always receive any feedback at all. This can difficult to swallow after a while. When you feel what you can do is useless, then perhaps one feels they are not needed, either..

I think that it’s important for people in more creative, non-traditional jobs or hobbies (where people hope to make a difference) can be undervalued, especially if you are not so good that you aren’t ‘famous’. Whether it be writing, drawing or doing something else for a good cause without pay – it’s important that people feel they %%have a place in the world%.

When you don’t feel you have a role, a purpose or place in the world, something you can contribute, and which you are appreciated for, it can eat away at your self esteem.

To other writers, or other undervalued contributor, out there who feel this way – you may be doing something not as traditional. Perhaps, like me, you have found it hard to get a traditional paid job for whatever reason, but someone, somewhere (or in fact many people) may read your articles. I always think if I could just feel I have helped one person, then it’s worthwhile. Especially when one is paid less than one cent per reader..it gives one the message that their contribution is indeed not that valuable.

Everyone needs a sense and feeling of self-worth. That they’ve made a difference. That they’ve helped someone.

Recognition can be more important than all the money in the world.

Each of us has different talents and strengths. But every single person is different. We each have gifts differing. It is an ability to have compassion, care and want to encourage another : that’s a contribution too. I like to tell other writers on “selfavenue” what I like about their work.
I try to be specific so they know I have taken time to ponder their words.

It’s important we each feel we have a place in the world. Or we can begin to not have a reason to be.

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Jussie, just trust that contributions you make to those you come in contact with do make a difference. Specifically, your articles for Self Avenue help people in various ways.

In your daily life, there are all sorts of things you may do, say or contribute you may not realise make a big difference to someone. When you smile and say 'hello' to someone in a shop you don't know how much difference that may make to that person's day. Listening without passing judgement to someone who needs to talk can make an amazing difference. You often won't ever know how important your contribution is so you just need to trust that what you do counts.

There are people who have touched my life who will never know how much they helped me. These are people who passed through my life and I didn't get the opportunity to tell them how important what they did or said was. (It is easier to let friends and family know when they have made a difference.)

Thank you Marie,

That means more to me than you know. You contributed hugely to the way I felt.

Thank you.

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