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Can't Talk Now, I'm Crazy Busy

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Have you ever heard yourself say something along the lines of, 'Can't stop now, I'm crazy busy'? And then you either rushed off or you stopped for just long enough to list off the things you had to do that day.

From personal experience I can say there always seems to be more I want to do and more I feel I should be doing.

Slow Down
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I try hard to keep it simple and in fact it's my number one resolution for the year. A Simple New Year's Resolution

Things I've done to try to keep it simple include:
Unsubscribing from unimportant email newsletters
Saying, 'No,' to an extra responsibility
Keeping meals simple
Cooking double amounts and freezing one for later use
Avoiding clothes that need ironing
Leaving my mobile at home when I go for a walk.

However, I still find myself getting busier than I am comfortable with. Okay, I'm not at the 'crazy busy' stage but I can see how easily it would happen.

As a reminder to myself I'm making a general list of things of ways to avoid getting to the 'crazy busy' stage :
Leave my laptop turned off until I'm dressed and have eaten breakfast.
Start the day in a calm way. Sit outside to enjoy my breakfast. (The fresh air and sunshine are good for me.)
Go to bed before midnight. Being a night owl I always want to stay up 'just a bit longer' and this can mean I don't get enough sleep.
Sometimes have a soak in the bath instead of a quick shower.
Eat sitting down.
Ask for help instead of trying to do everything myself.
Take regular stretch and exercise breaks when I'm using my laptop.
Don't try to be perfect.
Don't take on responsibilities which are someone else's.
Say, 'No thanks,' and not feel guilty if I don't want to do something. (That's a hard one and right at this moment I'm struggling with it. I want to have a catch up day at home tomorrow but there is an event I feel I should attend. In fact I would quite enjoy it but then I will need to stay up late to get things done I need to attend to before the following day.) These decisions often aren't straightforward.

Even though I'm not currently in the paid workforce I am involved with family and the community. I volunteer, make a weekly visit to someone who can't get out on her own, attend a couple of community groups and have family responsibilities. Getting a balance in life is important and just taking time to sit and reflect can be beneficial.

It seems at any stage of adult life and whether one is employed or not, it is easy to become very busy. I am aware being 'crazy busy' can lead to fatigue, insomnia, stress, burn out and depression. So, I am frequently doing a stock take to avoid taking on too much.

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