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Best Friends Or Mortal Enemies

by Rhi Rhi T (follow)
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My sister and I

She is my best friend.
She is my worst nightmare.
She was the first person I wants to talk to.
She was the first person I fought with.

I constantly teased her.
I used to pull her hair.
I used to tell her no.
And then tell her what to do, until she could say no back.

Fighting like cat and dog one minuet.
Laughing, joking and playing together the next.

My sister and I are both the best of friends and we our each others worst enemies.
When we were younger we used to tease each other like crazy, to the point where we would drive our parents up the wall.
We would stay up late talking across our beds, even though being told several times be quite and go to sleep.
We would fight in the mornings before we went to school, but then ditch our homework to play together in the afternoon.

I am two years older than my sister;
As kids those two years meant everything.
It meant that I was two years ahead in school
It meant that I could sit in the front seat of the car.
It meant that I got to pick the movie first and got to chose what I wanted for dinner.
It also meant I got the bigger bedroom when we moved to new houses.

But now that were older and both in our twenties, those two years don’t really matter anymore:
We can both enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.
We our both living out of home.
We can live our own separate lives independently of one another.
But every week, so times more, we make time for each other.

I am lucky that I have two sisters and one brother whom I love and cherish very much.
And I find it funny that even though my younger sister and brother are younger then myself and my other sister; I can still see the trends repeating.
Either my younger sister and I will fight one minuet and then will be talking about her friends, school and other things the next.
Or I will watch my younger sister and brother argue and fight like cat and dog, just like my other sister and I used to do when we were kids.
However I do feel slightly sorry for my brother: he is the youngest of four children, but he has three older sisters.
He has three sisters who will yell, fight, tease, and bicker with him.
But if anyone else tries to do the same, all three of us will defend him with everything we have.

When I was younger I hated being the oldest child out of four.
But now that I am older, I love it.
I have two sisters who get to rummage through my clothes and steal my makeup without telling me; even though one is not yet 13. But also I have two sisters whom I can talk girl talk with and can laugh and cry and talk about boys with.
Even though the youngest is still living at home and is about to start high school soon, I still have the benefit of being there for her when she needs me.
I still get to do the older sister thing and tease her about boys, hair styles and music choices. But still she knows I am just on the other end of a phone if she needs me.

I'm not sure how many of you have sisters, or even brothers for that matter.
No matter how many siblings you have or whether you are the youngest, oldest or somewhere in between. Just think of how your childhood would have turned out if you didn’t have that special person/s to share your most intimate thoughts with or fight with till you are blue in the face.


If you have siblings cherish them: whether you fight like cat and dog or whether you just talk and talk.

They can be your best friends or your worst nightmare but if anyone tries to tease them you will defend them like crazy.

They are the one person/s who knows you inside and out.

Someone who will judge you, tease you, but will still love you all the same.

Your siblings are your family, but they are also the first friends you make and they are the friends you chose to have.

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