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Being Hopeful

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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People who are Ďhopefulí are able to face difficulties in a more positive way because they are not expecting, anticipating and visualising a bad ending. They don't feel they have more misfortune than the next person. There is research which shows people who are hopeful procrastinate less than people who lack hope. They donít dwell on the possible negative outcomes. Not surprisingly, hopeful people suffer less anxiety and depression than those who lack a hopeful outlook.

What does the word Ďhopeí mean? The dictionary says as a noun hope is, Ďa reason for confidence, hope or expectationí. Being hopeful is to have confidence or the expectation that things will work out well, perhaps not straight away but ultimately.

People can choose to be hopeful. Sometimes the negative thoughts and fears may try to take over but one can tell these thoughts to Ďstopí. In this approach you refuse to think through the possible negative outcome. You donít visualise all the things that could go wrong.

Alternatively one can allow the negative thoughts to happen, then dismiss them and go on to think of ways to deal with the current challenge in your life.

Hope allows people to keep moving forward even when things are not going well. Instead of giving up one can think of ways to make things better. Perhaps one needs more information or help from others.

Hope encourages one to use available resources to deal with a difficult situation. You donít have to deal with everything on your own.

Some people see those with a hopeful attitude as unrealistic. However, hopeful people are aware of the obstacles in life but they donít consider them insurmountable. Instead they will remember challenges they have dealt with successfully in the past. They will use their energy to think in a creative way, use resources available to them and create problem solving strategies.

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