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Be Grateful For What You Don't Have

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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There are times when one may feel there isnít much to feel gratitude for. This feeling can descend on us when there are lots of stresses and we are weary. Can you look at your life from a different perspective? Can you be grateful for what you donít have, for the things you have escaped or avoided?

Good health is a blessing. Perhaps you donít consider you have excellent health so you ask yourself what there is to feel grateful for. Perhaps you have poor eyesight. However, you donít have hearing impairment. You may have high blood pressure but you donít have arthritis.

A nice home is something people usually want.. You may desire a bigger house or one in a more upmarket suburb. Maybe you would like a larger block. on the positive side, you donít have high insurance premiums and exorbitant council rates. (Perhaps you feel your council rates are over the top for the area you live in. Sorry, I canít help you with that.)

Your garden may be small and you long for more space. You donít have as much weeding to do and can use the time you arenít spending weeding on other hobbies. Perhaps you can use that time to explore nearby parks and enjoy a green area where you are not responsible for the upkeep.

You may not have a lot of material possessions and it isnít because you went on a decluttering spree. You have never had as much as the people you see around you. This means it is easier to maintain the things you do own and you have less storage problems. It is easier to find things and there is less dusting.

Perhaps you would like to have pets but canít because your landlord doesnít allow them. Pets do have many advantages and can bring love into a home. However, if you have no pets you donít have to make arrangements for their care if you go away and there is no one at home to look after them. You have no vet bills. As well you never come home to damage caused by a young or unruly pet.

You may feel disappointed at having missed out on that promotion with its higher rate of pay. On the flip side you donít have to do lots of overtime and that means more time with family. You donít have as much pressure and it is easier to achieve a work/life balance.

Many situations which donít initially appear to be something you can feel gratitude for have a flip side. You may have to think for a while to see what it is you could have escaped but it is another way of looking at your life. There can be positive aspects to what initially appears negative.

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Excellent words! Finding the positive can seem difficult to do, but if you are alive and breathing, then at least there is that to be grateful about!
Yes, being alive is certainly something to be grateful for.
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