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Anything Worthwhile Takes Time

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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a watering can and plant
Just as a plant doesn't emerge from a seed overnight, nothing else that is worthwhile appears immediately. It takes time to grow. Image courtesy of aminic181 at freedigitalphotos.net

Often times, when we have a goal we’ve set our hearts on achieving, it can be hard to be patient while waiting for it to show tangible indicators it is forming, manifesting concrete form of some description. When this is the case, I know that I for one sometimes become a little more half-hearted in my efforts to help my ambition achieve shape, if it seems it will persist in lifeless form.

However, then I remember the old proverb “that a thousand mile journey begins with one small step.” Not only does it start with a small step, a journey is comprised of a thousand steps.

Sometimes, it takes a while for results to take any concrete form. For example, when one is gardening, it takes a lot of watering and tending to the soil weeks before a seedling even appears. However, without that effort, there certainly wouldn’t be a plant. There is lots of invisible creation that takes place beneath the soil before you see anything. Then all of sudden, at some point, there is a green life form emerging from the soil!

Anyone who’s ever done a jigsaw puzzle will know it’s not until a certain time during working that suddenly, with just one more piece that has been placed correctly, that a definitive picture is forming!

Again, with any kind of exercise program, when you first start it may seem like there is no tangible result, but suddenly when you least expect it, improvement occurs. Suddenly, exercise becomes easier than it had in the past!

When you save money, it takes a while for interest to accrue. However, if you didn’t put money aside, of course there would be no savings. One day you know that enough money will build to do worthwhile things with.

When you first meet a friend or romantic partner, it is uncommon that on the first acquaintance you will feel comfortable, that you will find common interests. However, as you get to know the person, sometimes a special bond will form. Over time, though invisible, the bonds of friendship will provide so much joy and meaning, and will sometimes extend over a lifetime.

I guess the practical application of what I have been writing about is that just about anything you can think of that is worthwhile, meaningful and wondrous takes time and energy to develop. So if it something or someone you truly desire that will be special in your life, it is worthwhile investing your time and patience in to allow it to grow. Lots of those 'little things', investments in time, energy, effort and patience all add up to something worthwhile and solid.

If you expected a plant to grow over night, a jigsaw to be complete with a few pieces, fitness achieved in a few days, you will be disappointed. Of course, we all know this to be true in theory. But how easy it can be to lose patience! It can be easy to lose sight of the obvious, that good things take time to grow…that anything wonderful is the result of lots of little things.

However, this being true, remember it to develop the necessary commitment to see your goal to completion. Also enjoy the process of anything, or any relationship taking form and blossoming.

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I enjoyed your article, Jussie. I particularly like your point about enjoying the process instead of simply focussing on the goal.
Thank you, Marie. I figured if we always waited until the end result, we'd always stall feeling positive that something worthwhile was developing, which is exciting in itself!
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