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One of the most popular topics nowadays is Equality Rights, or to some just Humanity Rights. There is always a heated debate or discussion about it coming from the people who believe that it is wrong. So I would like to share a little story about this issue.

I walked into work that day thinking nothing of it. It was just another day of finishing classes for grade 10, and going to work straight after. I was a normal teenager, well I thought I was.

I had heard of lesbians and gays before but none that I knew back then, (There is a few that are out and proud now.) The night proceeded like usual, until a woman with tattoos down her arm walked by I realized that I was staring. I was confused about why I was staring at her. When I turned around my boyfriend at the time was standing there with a big smile on his face. I thought I liked him but something never felt Ďrightí. I used to always feel on edge, I kept thinking that it was because it was my first relationship.

Over the month I was noticing I was looking at girls more often and that I wasnít looking at men. I kept thinking that I couldnít be a lesbian, I couldnít like girls.

My heart pounded in fear and the constant arguments with myself got me into a state of depression. One I would never admit to anyone. One day my boyfriend broke up with me, saying that there was never enough time for us to spend time with each other, with me always at school or work, which is fair enough.

I broke down that day and confided in my best friend that day. Calmly she discussed with me my feelings, and that she believed I was in denial. She also said to me that day that she didnít care if I was into boys or girls, as long as I was happy.

Hearing that from someone calmed my fears a little bit, enough to tell a family member that I was possibly a lesbian. She also took it well, saying the same thing as my friend.

Soon after that I had gotten enough confidence to tell a few more of my friends. One of them, who had known me since primary school flipped out. Calling me disgusting and that I was probably staring at her or trying to get in her pants.

My best friend got angry and pinned her against the wall, screaming at her that I was the same person and that just because I came out as a lesbian doesnít mean I like every chick I see, that I was a better person than that. A little while later she came over to me and apologized saying it was rude of her, that she as just in shock.

She felt horrible for calling me disgusting, she knew I wasnít. She told me that I was one of the nicest people she had ever met and that whoever I decided to date was none of her business and that they were the luckiest people on earth.

A few years down the track I have come out to everyone in my family and all of my friends. Every one of them supported me and have never left my side. They all believed I deserve the right to be married even if they donít agree with my sexuality, or in marriage.

That is what this article is about, acceptance. Acceptance of ourselves and others. To me if you donít believe in something, donít in force your belief onto others. So please before you say things to people out of spite or about your beliefs of them not getting married or anything like that, step back and think how would you feel to be in their shoes?

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