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A - Z of Self Care: Laughter

by lynjo (follow)
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You know the feeling. It comes from the pit of your stomach and erupts through your throat and even your nostrils. Your head might lurch backwards. You might even make some weird kinds of noises that are distinctively yours. You love the feeling and can feel your eyes glistening. You feel better at the time and for a while afterwards. You can even feel good when reminded of it later. It's laughter of course that I'm referring to.

It might come often or it might be quite rare. If we are always distracted or busy we might be missing lots of opportunities to have a good laugh. We might not be able to see the funny side of things. It takes time to notice things that are funny.

It can come on when we are with someone else or even when we are by ourselves. Some people are good at making us laugh and we know that we will have fun when ever we are with them. We can choose to invite these people into our lives or not. We can even work on becoming one of these people ourselves, if we aren't already.

Laughter is a great way to relieve stress. By letting go of our worries for a while and having a positive physical release we will feel better. If we are with others the positive connections that come from being together and having fun have health benefits as well.

Taking care of ourselves can mean we start to notice what is happening around us. We can become more aware but also more open. More open to seeing things from different perspectives which can sometimes be funny. We can learn to laugh at ourselves. We can make choices to laugh when we might feel like we want to cry.

We can also work out what makes us laugh and seek these out. We might like to watch babies and children laugh. There's nothing quite like a baby's laughter. It can be so contagious and you might feel yourself not being able to ignore it. Sometimes there are comedians or comedic movies that might lighten our mood and help us laugh. You tube is full of funny clips and it won't long to work out what we most enjoy. It might be the slap stick type comedy of old or it could be slightly more sophisticated.

When we reflect on fun times we will often recall the laughter. We may or may not remember what was so funny. Sometimes it becomes so contagious in a group that no-one really knows what is so funny. This can form a powerful connection between people.

If we want to take care of ourselves laughter can be a very enjoyable way to help ourselves. Actually, what better way could there be?

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