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A Winter Reflection for Setting Intentions

by Rachael Millsom (follow)
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The Author Reflecting in a Garden

Winter is a great time for reflection. We naturally stay in a bit more and turn in a bit sooner. Take this opportunity to review your intentions for the year.

I want you to imagine that you have a wide variety of seeds within you, each one of them representing a potential within you. These seeds are abundant and highly varied, like the seeds in nature. A poppy seed, broad bean seed and avocado seed are all very different seeds and need to be cared for and nurtured in different ways to thrive.

There are five steps to getting those seeds to grow and to thrive.

The First Step

The first step is to choose which seeds you would like to nurture and have grow this year. Do you want to plant flowers, a veggie garden or a tree?
What is it that you would like to create this year? Maybe it is a garden, or a new venture, learn a new skill, build something, compete in an event?

Whatever it is make sure you are clear about what it is. Pick just a few intentions and consider how they will go together. Native and vegetable gardens might not mix in the same plot but both thrive in different parts of the garden.

The Second Step

The second step is to get to understand that seed. If it is a broad bean seed you may learn that it can be planted in autumn that once you plant it you water it in then don’t water again until growth as started. As it grows it will need support. A carrot seed needs to be kept moist throughout its germination and some carrot seeds can be planted all year round, others only at certain times of the year. Of course all of this depends on where you live as well.

So what about your seeds, what do you know about the seeds within you that you would like to nurture? Can you learn more by joining a club, reading some books, trying a few things out?

The Third Step

The third step is to plant your seed. You can know all you like about a seed, but it cannot grow unless it is planted. At this step you also need to consider the type of soil you will plant your seed in. Does the plant need certain types of nutrients or light certain types of conditions. You also need to consider the location, will the plant receive the right amount of sun, shelter etc?

What about your seed, what sort of conditions does it need. Your health and wellbeing is important, without sufficient sleep your body has to work harder, it is harder to maintain concentration. Do you need to improve the quality of your thinking, do you believe that you can plant the seed you want to plant and help it grow?

Once you have considered these factors, adjusted a few things if need be you can make that decision to plant your seed. This third step is not one to rush through. You might be someone who is really clear on what they want and so the first couple of steps come easily. A bit of time spent tending to the soil (aspects of yourself) and considering what sort of environment your plant needs (what supports do you need, what else needs to be in place) will potentially save a lot of frustration later on.

The fourth step

The fourth step is to nurture your seed. Your garden plants need nutrients, sun, warmth, water. Your own seeds of potential need attention, they need to be talked about, cared for, and they need some actions to be taken.

Not every seed planted in a garden grows. Sometimes seeds can be planted and the conditions are just right and many seeds come up, sometimes only a few, sometimes none. When no seeds come up that doesn’t mean the end, it means going back to the basics, learning more about the seed, the conditions it needs to grow in.

What does this mean for you, it means taking care of your wellbeing, what you eat, your quality of sleep, exercise. Being aware of your emotions and your thoughts. Prepare a fertile ground for your seed to grow in. Then have another go, or at times consider the seed you are planting and if is the right seed for where you have in mind.... maybe all that is needed is a slightly different seed..... Maybe aiming for a local fun run before a marathon.

The Fifth Step

The fifth step it to enjoy what you have created or helped to create. You may leave flowers in the garden and remember to notice them and enjoy them, or maybe you pick some for a friend or for a vase. If you planted broad beans, now is the time for picking them and cooking them.

What does this mean for your intentions? Acknowledging to yourself and to others your achievements. It might mean: asking to be paid; enjoying something you have built; getting those chickens for the newly constructed chook pen.

It might not be tangible yet you may have a great feeling inside, notice it, allow that feeling to hold you up, to keep you going. Remember how you got there and what you feel so you can come back to that feeling to help you reach the next intention.

Enjoy the garden you are creating in your life.

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