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7 Ways Dogs Help Us Survive

by angelstar (follow)
Natisha Field
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We have all heard the saying ďdog is manís best friendĒ. How true are those precise words?

Especially when we are having to face a great difficulty going through hard times, yes they are always by our side.

I believe they were put on this earth to travel along side with us on our magical life journey ride. It seems that no matter how mankind treats these beautiful animals they always stay our friend.

Unfortunately there are some out there who get a kick out of life by physically harming the innocent dogs. Yet when they are discovered or caught they get a measly fine, not a hard punishment for the cruel act that they continue to do. They should be jailed for 12 months.

I have a list of 7 special and most important duties that dogs do in our lives to be our great companions

1) Dogs are our protectors and our shadow through everything we go through

2) They feel our pain and ride on our emotions daily

3) They guide us in dangerous times to help us go through the safe door

4) They teach us patience and all sorts of emotions we never knew we had

5) They provide us with their unconditional love forever

6) They give us full unconditional trust on a daily basis

7) We are the leader of their pack in their eyes but without knowing to them they are to us

There you have it now we know just how very special dogs are to us. They are therapeutic and make the best emotional companions. They also are a great stress reliever , they help us physically by taking them for walks or running with them.

They assist us on a social level and mentally as well.
It is very exciting having a dog in your life because they will make sure when you come home from work after a hard day, you will be greeted with licks, jumps and kisses. That is bound to put a smile on your face.

Donít forget to remember they are a bit of work to, like picking up dog poo, washing them, grooming them, puppy training from the start and the money involved with vet care and up keep to have them.

At the end of the day they are worth every cent and more, I am blessed to have had dogs my whole life. From 1-4 at a time and if I could turn back time I wouldnít had changed a thing.

You should go and pat your dog now, let him know how much you love him. For all the love they give us they donít ask for much in return , just love them back.

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