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5 Steps to Positive Thinking

by Nicole Leigh West (follow)
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So much is written about 'thinking positivelyí that it almost seems like very hard work. It doesnít have to be. The most important step is to intend to think positive thoughts as opposed to negative ones. Before you know it, youíll be on your way to cleaning your mind up - making way for the inner you to shine through.

Understand that the positive thinker is already within you.

Your natural state of being is that of a loving, compassionate, joyful presence. Over the years this presence has slowly suffocated under the impact of social conditioning causing loss of identity, stress, worry, anxiety and any physical ailments that come along with such emotions.

Positive thinking can be slowly eroded from childhood by the opposing ideas of parents, teachers, the media and anything and everything you encounter. But itís still there, just waiting for you to dig it out. Itís not something you have to learn how to do, or practice 24 hours a day to become good at. Itís a skill you already have just waiting to be uncovered.

Recognise Your Emotions as Your Guides

Once youíve remembered the positive you is simply rotting away under layers of other peopleís mental rubbish, you can start identifying between negative and positive emotions. This may sound like an easy thing to do, but it can be deceptively hard.

We sometimes think we enjoy thinking negatively. An example of this is the strange delight received from plotting revenge, or saying something derogatory about the neighbourís garden, or laughing at that woman at work who still wears blue eye-shadow and socks with her sandals.

When you truly think about taking delight at another's expense, you realise theres nothing positive about it at all. Your ego is simply trying to pump up your tyres to remain in control, to ensure you maintain your separateness from others by feeling better than them in some way.

Thatís where emotions come in. Itís easy to detect sadness or stress, but harder to detect false happiness. This false happiness is one of the leading causes of negative thinking, as everyone tends to thinks itís perfectly normal. Dig deeper, and hidden under the never ending judgement and comparison to ones self is severe insecurity and unrest.

Itís important to recognise the sneaky negative thoughts, as well as the obvious ones, to make way for positivity.

Create a Mental Stop Sign and Use it Often

Each time anxiety swirls in your stomach, stress wraps a steel band around your head or self-pity tugs at your heart. Acknowledge that feeling. Stop. Breathe. Fully feel the emotion. Doing this throws a flood of light on emotions, and helps to disperse them. Next, pull your mental stop sign out as each thought pops up.

The thoughts could be ďI feel so sickĒ or ďI hate what that person said about me,Ē or ďIím never going to get all this work done.Ē

You need to stop these kinds of thoughts, because theyíre the monsters creating the emotions. Truly, no matter what happens externally, itís your own thoughts that throw you into a pit of suffering.

Turn Thoughts Around on Themselves

Each time you detect an emotion that makes you feel uncomfortable, then recognise the thought behind it. It's a quick and easy process to turn the thought around and get back on track.

For example:

ďI hate what that person said about me,Ē to, ďItís none of my business what other people think of me, and their negativity displays their issues, not my own.Ē


ďIím never going to get all this work done,Ē to, ďIíll take one step at a time, prioritise, get the most important work done, and just do my best.Ē

Itís amazing (when you try it) how quickly your emotions (once acknowledged) can subside when you turn negative thoughts around on themselves.

Love All Your Thoughts

Itís easy to love your thoughts. Why? Because when you start becoming aware of your thoughts, you realise the mistake in having negative ones in the first place. Really, thereís just no point. Yes, problems will continue; people will confront you; the weather will get too cold or too hot, and your kids will still scream.

Regardless, youíll notice that it is possible to turn each thought around - looking for the silver lining in each one until you find it, and until your emotions subside and result in higher frequency ones. Itís an exciting challenge, and one that results in a completely new outlook on life.

Keep these five steps in the forefront of your mind, like handy, all purpose tools in the kitchen:

Remember that youíre already a Positive Thinker.

You donít have to try and become one.

Use your emotions as guides.

Create a mental stop sign and use it to stop negative thoughts.

Turn the negative thoughts around on themselves.

Only focus on those thoughts that you love.

Before you know it, youíll be swatting negative thoughts like flies in the outback, and replacing them with diamonds.

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Show gratitude for things you have from nature to Thankful for being able to part of a new day A frown can be turned upside to be a smile .Do some volunteering .By assisting others it can be gratifying . Lee / CreativeLee
Show gratitude for things you have from nature to Thankful for being able to part of a new day A frown can be turned upside to be a smile .Do some volunteering .By assisting others it can be gratifying . Lee / CreativeLee
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