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5 Games Kids Can Play This Easter

by Sasha (follow)

Image Courtesy of Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Easter games are tradition, and it simply is a time to see your little angels and rock stars look cuter than a bunny. While costume parties and family dinners are the usual; there are few games you could play or organise for the kids to play and make the Easter festival memorable.

Here are five games that will bring the kids together and pave way for some fun and laughter.

The Easter Egg huntL What is Easter without the egg hunt?? The egg hunt game is usually played by hiding eggs in the house, and then asking the kids to look for them. The winner finds the egg and gets a bunny hug too.

The 'Roll me' game: You will need some hard boiled eggs or some plastic small balls/eggs. Place a white egg (hard boiled and shell removed) at a distance. All participants line up and roll their coloured eggs towards the white egg. The winner's egg is the one that has rolled closest to the white one.

The Easter memory game : Collect some Easter themed things and put them on a tray. Maybe put a biblical word on an egg; a bunny; a hot cross bun; some raisins; some chocolates, and some coloured ribbons etc, and show this tray to the kids for a specific period of time. Then the kids can be asked to write down as many things they saw on the tray. The winner would typically have a maximum number of things on the list. A fun way to make them remember the festival.

Ear the bunny/egg: Prepare an Easter bunny poster without its ears. Children are then blindfolded under supervision and brought near the board where the poster is pinned. They then have to correctly draw the ears for the bunny. Of course the winner would have made the bunny get his ears as close to where it should be. If getting a bunny poster is difficult, simply ask them to ears for an egg shell.

Guess the number game: Easter calls for Easter egg chocolates. Fill in a jar of mini Easter eggs. Show the jar to the kids and ask them to guess the number of eggs in the jar. The winner gets the number closest to the actual.

Other games that can be played are the usual musical chair game where you can play Easter themed music; the touch and guess game where you can blindfold kids, and give them Easter specific things and ask them to guess what it is without having to look at it.

Games are definitely a fun way for kids to interact, bond and communicate. Gifts for winners can again be Easter themed gifts. Some ideas would be a plaster Easter egg filled with small goodies, together with some Easter themed stationary, chocolates, and bunny soft toys etc. For something more simple you could make a drawing kit by taking a print out of Easter themed sketches from the internet where the kids can colour it.You could leave a label at the end that says something like Sammy is a rock star.

Enjoy this Easter, and have fun and joy because you deserve to.

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The kid on your article image reminds me of someone I know.. bet I'll remember when I see him :)
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