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10 Steps To Goal Success

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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We all have goals we would like to achieve. Some are small every-day tasks like vacuuming our home. Some are greater goals, like completing university studies, or succeeding in a business venture. The following are some tips to maximise your chances of success and enjoyment of the journey.

1. Pace yourself. Become aware of when you work best, for how long you can maintain focus, and how frequently you need breaks.

2. Maximise your enthusiasm and passion. Goals will be easier to achieve if they are in line with your values and inspire you.

3. Know how you work best Are you a morning person or a night person? What environmental changes could you make to achieve your goals more successfully? For example, a comfortable chair, lighting, quiet or with the radio on? Can you work for long hours without stopping, or work best with frequent breaks?

4. Look after your health. Eating well, exercise and having sufficient water can be likened to putting top-quality fuel into a car. The better the fuel, the more efficiently the car runs, and looking after your health will enable you to work with the most efficaciously.

5. Having goals in line with your personal values. For example, people who value looking after the environment will find it easier to achieve their goals working with environmental protection than someone who does not have that passion. This may seem self-evident, but sometimes, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves “is this something I believe in?”

6. Plan and organise yourself to maximise goal success. Without a structure of how we plan to achieve our goals, it is easy to get distracted. Know how long you will work toward your goal, how often, and how you will fit in other obligations around your goal.

7. Take advice and inspiration from other people, who have succeeded or on their way to achieving similar goals There is always something to be learned.

8. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks. Know this is just part of your journey toward success. The most successful people in history have succeeded after multiple failures, such as Edison and his lightbulb. He reframed his disappointments as ‘one more way not to make a lightbulb’.

9. Remember to enjoy the journey as well as look forward to the destination. Enjoy the process of accomplishing and improving. It’s not all about the end product. It’s about the personal journey of how you change and grow in line with your values along the way.

10. Savour and reflect upon your successes along the way. You may want to keep a diary of what you have achieved so far. Regularly reflect on how far you have come, and use that to boost your morale and confidence.

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